The Liebster Award

Thank You So Much Vincent Ehindero For Nominating Me For This Great Award That Bestows For Bloggers Who Are In Top Level Among New Bloggers… I’m truly happy to receive this from a great blogger like you in WordPress… I think I don’t wanna newly introduce you to others,because they already know about your great…

Awesome Quotes For Life

For all the angry birds out there,This is for YOU.. Never let the anger conquer YOU, Because you feel that you run, But I’m not, I’m still here in a relaxed mind, You feel tired, Because you’re running, Why don’t you take a rest, So you can relax with me, Will you join to relax…

Awesome Quotes For Life

No one is perfect, The one who loves just the way you are, Is the one who is perfect for you… – Jayani Dissanayake –

Awesome Quotes For Life

Being WISE, Wealthiness, Is, Something in your, Eyes… Which means that if you have a good vision then you can make a mission that’s gonna fullfil your vision to achieve what you need… – Jayani Dissanayake –

Why do you need working experience before you start your carrier???

Have you ever experienced this?Let me figure it out in the simplest manner… Your aim is to climb up to reach the peak,don’t ever forget what you learn while and never forget who is with you on your way… Also remember to enjoy that blossoms around and to reach the peak collecting those loveliest memories…

Who would say a NO for a yummilicious passionate Gelato???

Hello peeps,let’s scream, I Scream You Scream We all Scream Forrrrrr ICE CREAM😛😛 Ingredients 1 cup whole milk, very cold 2/3 cup sugar 2 cups heavy cream, very cold 2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup crumbled oreo cookies Instructions Whisk together milk and sugar in a bowl until sugar dissolves. Add in heavy cream and vanilla. Transfer into your…

Awesome Quotes For Life

Never depend instead be independent… Never help if you expect back… Never say can’t without trying… Never step back if you want to climb up… Never waste time instead use it wise… So Here You Are At The Peak Enjoying That True Achievements Of Your Life… – Jayani Dissanayake –