“Economics” As you see and I see💯

Hello to all the bloggers out there,

Hope you all are doing good…Let me tell you how Economics gives that exact meaning the way you have to live…

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world
– ABBA –
This is one of the old hits and of well famous ABBA group singing it…That’s true isn’t it???It’s funny and always sunny in rich man’s world because that poor percentage in the world still are searchers of this sunny climate…
– Jayani Dissanayake –

You think Economics as a field dealing with monetary transactions…Simply put,”Money”…

But it’s not…I’m a person who did Biology for my secondary studies, so when I started to do my higher studies in a more new field I also thought that it’s something commerce related when it comes to Economics…

So this is the good surprise inside Economics…

The basic foundation of Economics,is the “Scarcity”… It’s all because people have unlimited wants and needs to be fulfilled where limited no.of resources available on this Earth…So people have to make “Choices” and it creates an “Opportunity Cost”… So I think this is the basic foundation of life too…This is what everyone must understand… If you recognized the real theory behind Economics before,Would you face this type of a pandemic you deal with at present???(Novel Covid-19)Here you have something more to THINK…

Many countries hunt money to be the most powerful nation,while all of you in a rat race to earn more and more money…So Is money the antibiotic for this novel Covid-19?…Answer,do you have that answer with you?What about the nature who suffered until now?Do you see how flowers bloom in the cities that covered with smoke cloud before???Do you see how animals play happily when people are in cages while they are freely move around???Did you ever think about this???

Economics is not something that measure the amount of wealth you have in your hands,but something that has already awared the people to earn by knowing the limits…But what did people do???They never stopped earning,instead they took everything what they need from nature…It’s like you took all by force though nature likes or not…Would you like if someone take a loaf of bread from your home by force???I know it’s a NO definitely… So Think everyone… Nature is the place where you live,where you get enough oxygen to breathe and the one who nourishes you…So definitely think well,What kind of a life you live?…

This is Economics, it’s not a subject that teaches you to earn,instead to earn with the knowledge of limits…That’s what the sustainable development introduced to you…It should not be in books or papers but should be in your mind when you work… No one is perfect so the ideas are different and some do understand and some don’t… But if just a one person start to save this world then there’s more ways opening up to begin the process of Saving Where You Live On…

People are that much talented to discover new ways of earning, new technology, new innovations, new industries and new knowledge… So why don’t you gather to save this world?What happened to your bravery??? You’re strong enough to be a person who can enjoy the resources around by controlling your needs and wants…

There are only two ways to protect our surrounding

1.Use the resources efficiently knowing that they are limited and not something belong to you but to nature who creates them for you…

2.Stop making nature a dust bin of your wastes and remember it’s a recycle bin which will throw you the wastes back to you when it needs and when it can’t bear up what you throw,and try to limit your unlimited wants and needs so there won’t be any excessive extraction of these resources…

That’s Economics I know,everywhere you have Economics that is connected to your life if you take a look on you for a moment…There are no people who need more or less resources but a balanced amount of resources for all…You make huge castles for you to live on,but don’t any person who is in a hut still alive?Just go through your life and see who creates those immense needs and wants…It’s YOU…

Know how to balance and what to do with money…Know your needs and wants…Also know what you need and don’t need…

Simply it’s just the basic needs of life you need to live,water,air and food basically,so you have to earn to get these for your lives to stay healthy…Not to buy a best branded mobile,best quality car or to eat from a luxurious place…It’s not something against being rich,you have to live accordingly knowing that what are your essentials,so you can spend your rest to uplift poor families who are even unable to fulfill their basics…And yeah you can enjoy seeing such ones filling their hunger from your earnings… So definitely you save resources for future generations and resources are plenty as you earn with limits…

Not picking what you don’t want…This is actually you have to start from your home…For example, when you go out you buy everything you see,sometimes they are not what you need and thought to buy,but after all you blame the government or your earnings that prices are high and complaining that no proper goods to buy, and you might even say that only you were able to buy two or three items…So raise your hands who do this???And even people want a change in any government because to adjust their own Economic situations…Why are you so selfish all the time?Don’t you feel that to whom you work?Everyone in the mind of earning for themselves only, What about your COUNTRY?Serve for your country it doesn’t matter you are in the base or an executive level,you could definitely harvest the benefits…Still most countries are in developing stage as the people who live work to achieve their own benefits instead growing as a country, but if you do it together definitely you could achieve that developed stage sooner as a one nation standing together to achieve the best,and each and every person can earn its profits…

So Why do you wait,Why are you picketing around,Why do you blame the government,Why do you just sit and watch,Why do you think and waste time…Put your valuable ideas from now on to work out them,let’s give it a try…You understand now,with this Covid-19 many think that you reached the bottom of your Economy its isn’t the truth, if you adjust yourself to work with that beautiful surrounding gifted by nature without making it a stingy place with cruelity in your mind,definitely you’re gonna reach the peak of the Economy that you never saw before as a country…

Fill his hunger and give your earning a value…

So,it’s your chance to start it right now…Thumbs up for the Doctors, Health Services, Forces and Others who work at home to make your countries stand up against this global issue,novel Covid-19 by saving people’s lives and not only that but also saving the nature…

Making a mountain of money or making a mountain of valuable memories is all up to you…
– Jayani Dissanayake –

The Ant Eater

When you turn around,

What your eyes see?,

So many figures run like in a machine,

Some mindless,Some heartless,

All have their own plights,

It reminds me the little ants coming out of a hole,

All working, working and working,

What would be the final destination of them?,

I’m sure there’s nothing spiritual to be,

But a world of country pleasures,

What lies behind these pleasures?,

Just one word with five letters which meant to be,

The Ant-Eater,

It’s non other but MONEY,

That’s the final destination of working figures,

What value the figures find thee?,

Is it the life they expect to be…

Written by me in university premises at 1.00pm on 9th Jan 2016

All rights reserved by the author

Jayani Dissanayake-

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    Great post👍👍

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    1. jiayali says:

      Thank you so much…

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