Do you love Olympics???I’m really a fan who enjoys it since the inaugural to the fairwell…

Hello lovelies,


Well,I’m a fan of athletics…Since my baby age I see how my dad involves in martial arts…He is a  good athlete too…So when the fastest person in the world wins the Gold medals in 2016,many words arrived to my mind in that spectacular moment…Thus,I thought to awake your minds in a morning full of energy… Let’s take a look…

That Speed Arrow Always Great As The Way He Is…

For my surprise this is what I found today,before uploading the poem written to him in honour…

“Jamaica’s Olympic sprint legend Usain Bolt has become a father for the first time after welcoming the birth of a baby girl with partner Kasi Bennett”

Such a great news,”Congratulations to our sprint legend Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett on the arrival of their baby girl”

Congratulations for this beautiful couple…

So let me add this poem to make it a great memory… I wrote this poem on 5th September 2016 at home on one another moment this great legend won the Gold medal…So this poem is for his daughter new born…

The Best Speed Ever

“Anything is possible,I don’t think limits…”

– Usain St.Leo Bolt –

So inspiring and amazing,

He is a magical WOW who strikes on earth surface,

With his speed like an arrow to a bow,

Just a milli second pass,

For my surprise,

He is there dancing in the victory,

Speed like a shooting star,

Crossing the wind like a comet,

Furious like a black panther,

Roars like a king,

Never afraid to set foot on earth,

Just his good heart for his men,

Heart wins the margin first before his step,

His victory,I never doubted,

He is the lightning Bolt strikes the earth with a great power within,

Yeah,he is the flash down to earth with no fear,

A victorious giant within seconds, but a far more hard life behind,

Behind his smile there’s a lot,where no one ever think,

“If you wanna be the best,Yes of coarse you should do your best” That’s his words…

All the rights reserved by the author

Thumbs up to that amazing man…

Well,If you read something superficially, that’s what you gain…You may think why I published this…Sometimes there’s no need any explanations for you to understand the gist,It’s your sharp eyes and brain involving movement will do it for you… Learn life with not what you see but by studying… No one achieve anything with just a surface level touch but with that best of you,you could do it…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing lyrics,write more…

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    1. jiayali says:

      Thanks a lot…😊😊

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Good post😎😎

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    1. jiayali says:

      Thank you…😎😎

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Good post

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Great,interesting ,write more…

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    1. jiayali says:

      Definitely, thank you so much…

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  5. A.S.M says:

    Great poem πŸ€ͺwrite more sis

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    1. jiayali says:

      Hey @Sho Thanks a lot dear sisi…😍😍

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