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Shall we play a game,I know you’re bored being at home sometimes with the Covid-19 situation,so let’s start now…This is the season of cold and snow that hugs you with warm love…


Describe about you and what you do for this Christmas,it can be a food,feeling or whatever you love with five lines in the comment section

You also could reply to others and add humour,here’s the word train begins… Don’t forget to add your name and country or region where you get in to the word train….

Shall we make this word train to move around the world???Are you ready???Would you join us???I know we are from different regions of the world but we are one being humans so why don’t we put a smile on the others…

Hurry up get in

Author:Jayani Dissanayake

19 Comments Add yours

  1. jiayali says:

    I’m talkative and friendly.Everyone knows me as a humble person.I love to manage my works as to spend time with my beloved.Though I’m not celebrating Christmas,I love the seasonal blessings and charming nature with cold as this is the only time we feel that awesome climate to share a warm hug.I will be preparing a yummy meal for this Christmas, happiness is the greatest wealth as I always believe and the greatest profit is being healthy,so cheers for a healthy world…
    -Jayani,Sri Lanka-

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  2. scubaviste says:

    I´m Stephan from Germany. I´m working in the field of food safety & veterinary affairs and I´m a scubadiving instructor for hobby. I´ll visit my family, especially brothers and wife with childs and aunt with oncle and cousins. We´ll eat, talk and have fun the best as we can. A great time to all!

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    1. jiayali says:

      Awesome Stepahn,nice now the train reached Germany let’s see to where it travel after…

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  3. Hello one and all! I am Francisco (FBC), and I am from Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸. We celebrate Christmas Eve with a big dinner, usually with lots of family and friends and then on the 6th of January (The Three Kings Day) we share gifts and give gifts (in behalf of the Three Kings) to the children. So the season of joy extends to the sixth of January. Happy Christmas 🎄

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    1. jiayali says:

      Hola Amigo,the train is in Spain🎉🎉🎊🎊

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      1. Lovely idea Jiayali! I am sure this train will travel worldwide! 😊

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      2. jiayali says:

        Gracias amigo🎊🎊

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  4. Pavithra says:

    I’m Pavithra from India, currently doing my higher studies. I like to read books and listen songs. I’m the type of the girl whom people call the ‘shy or quite one’ and I don’t have much friends except 3-4 who are so close to mine! I give more importance to friendship, love and family. Im too sensitive, clumsy and mostly weird!!
    Merry Christmas ❄️

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    1. jiayali says:

      Namaste Pavithra,now the train is in India,Cheers to our neighbours…we have more space in our train all can get in I hear the hindi songs from your country,and Bollywood movies are truly awesome…

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      1. Pavithra says:

        Thank you so much 😄❤️

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  5. A.S.M says:

    I’m ASM.I like to draw arts and create fancy goods.😆🎨🎭I love christmas season since my childhood and santa claus too 🎅💫I hope santa claus gives me a gift this year 😂😂😉

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    1. jiayali says:

      Haha, train back to Sri Lanka,already Santa gave gifts for you 😋😋😘😘

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  6. i’m Florida Fred i talk too
    Much And Write Even
    More so i’ll keep this
    Short For Now…
    This Talk Train
    For Christmas
    Is Such A Kind Idea
    i Have No Choice
    But to Follow your
    Blog With SMiles And
    That’s all i
    Do in
    In Fact
    That’s Probably
    All i’m Really
    Good At Except
    Longest Trains Of Words😁

    Hehe Like
    My Last Blog
    Post of Free


    Of 60,975 Words

    Just Part of An EPiC

    Longer Form Poem

    8.8 MiLLioN

    Words in

    88 Months

    And Literally

    Mostly A Copy And

    Paste Of All So Many

    Folks Around

    The Globe

    Inspiring Words

    From me In My

    Own Love

    Train too

    In the Same 88

    Months i’ve Public

    Danced 14,188 Miles

    In A Most




    Place i Never

    Move Away

    As it’s
    Easy to
    See they
    Need The SMiles
    i Bring Most
    OBTW At

    60 Years-0ld
    i Leg Press 1340
    Pounds Still on You
    Tube too my



    Is Love

    Legend Has

    It That my Wife

    Is So Loved That

    At 50 She Hardly

    Ages At All So

    Yes Here’s

    A Secret

    i Try To Spread

    Free Dance, Song,

    And Love Hand In Hand

    With The Rest Of Nature

    God in Flow Is A Verb Of


    And The

    Real Fountain

    Of Youth Within

    Yes Heaven Indeed

    And Yes Hehe This

    Is A Short

    Free Verse


    From Me

    Again With

    Love Train SMiLes😁💫

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    1. jiayali says:

      Wow wow,Fred so now the train is in Florida…😎😎 Your love for the train would go ahead and I’m sure there’s more interesting stations to go…come on get in this is superb…

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      1. SMiles Keep
        Choo Chooing
        SMiLes Jiayali😊

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  7. Hello, i am Soni from India… I am software engineer…so apart from job i do paintings, singing and ofcourse writing…. I am fun loving girl and love to make everyone smile… Well we go out with friends, have food, and enjoy on christmas… Happy christmas all 😃🌲🎊🎉🎇

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    1. jiayali says:

      Namaste Soni,back again to India here you go…hope you would enjoy the travel… let’s see next what would be the station…

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